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1 Pat Metheny’s new album is orchestrated and bold

by Emerson Lopes* (my translation)

Almost five decades have passed since the first album released by American guitarist Pat Metheny. During all these years, the musician has always sought to challenge himself musically. Solo, in duet, in trio, in quartet, with orchestra, it doesn’t matter, his records have never gone unnoticed.

Today, at the age of 66, Metheny returns to the scene with a record that matches his talent and history. From This Place features the guitarist propped up by the Hollywood Studio orchestra, conducted by Joel McNeely with arrangements by experienced pianists Alan Broadbent and Gil Goldstein, who already worked with Metheny in the 1990s.

Pat Metheny
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It is not the first time that the guitarist has an orchestra accompanying him but this is undoubtedly his best partnership with this type of arrangement. To help him in this new endeavor he cast his usual trio formed by Antonio Sánchez (drums), Linda May Han Oh (bass) and Gwilym Simcock (pianist).

For the fan of the guitarist it will be impossible to hear this album and not remember the album Secret Story (1992) considered by many to be the most daring album of his career. The references are in almost all the songs. Right in the first theme America Undefined, with 13 minutes of duration, it is possible to feel the music taking shape and expanding the listener’s sound horizons. The orchestra creates an atmosphere of immensity and Sánchez’s drums pulsates with strength and precision.

The formula is repeated in Wide and Far this time with more space for the involving phrases of Metheny’s guitar, and You Are. In Pathmaker McNeely’s orchestra is present but with the subtlety necessary to let the quartet play its leading role. The same is true of Sixty-Six with music offering a roller coaster of sensations and a little nostalgia by recreating the drums of one of Metheny’s most popular compositions: Last Train Home.

With the presence of the orchestra more introspective and delicate themes could not be missing. That’s what the musician brings in Love May Take A While, in the touching From This Place with the voice of Meshell Ndegeocello and in The Past in Us with the harmonica of Gregoire Maret and the percussion of Luis Conte.

The famous synthesized guitar that marked Metheny’s career appears in Same River with the characteristic sound of Pat Metheny Group. Finally Everything Explained which could not have a more perfect name to synthesize the sound of the album. The pulsating theme features Metheny taking the lead in her first half followed after a beautiful appearance by pianist Simcock.

2 Tracks

From This Place

  1. America Undefined
  2. Wide and Far
  3. You Are
  4. Same River
  5. Pathmaker
  6. The Past in Us
  7. Everything Explained
  8. From This Place
  9. Sixty-Six
  10. Love May Take Awhile

3 Sample Tracks

3.1 Sixty-Six

3.2 Same River

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5 Emerson Lopes

( * ) Emerson Lopes is a brazilian journalist, author of the book “Jazz ao seu alcance”, published by Multifoco, and presenter of the Jazzy podcast. Learn more about the book here. Listen to the podcast here



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