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2020-01-03: I want you to know that I offered this nice lady a box of chocolates. I was so excited that I said …

2019-10-27: Finished my update process from ArcoLinux v19.10 to v19.11.3. Everything went as expected! …

2019-10-24: Congratulations UN and UNU-EGOV @UN @UNUniversity

2019-10-23: I’m in love with ArcoLinux #linux #ArcoLinux @ArcoLinux

2019-10-23: My Manjaro t-shirt has arrived @ManjaroLinux #linux #manjaro

2019-10-22: I’m now testing ArcoLinux with i3wm. Got a lot of errors with manjaro’s software update …

2019-10-20: After bindsym $mod+Mod1+z exec transset-df -a –min 0.25 –dec 0.25 I always get a busy …

2019-10-20: The experience of the sublimeinthe work of Caspar David Friedrich…

2019-10-18: That’s what I believe…

2019-10-14: Playing with Manjaro i3 18.10 and power line-shell config on termite #linux #manjaro #i3 #bash …

2019-10-11: Daily Impressions

2019-10-10: #fujifilm

2019-10-09: from above

2019-10-09: I just installed Manjaro 18.0 KDE Plasma on my secondary machine. I have a feeling that I’m …

2019-10-09: Daily impressions

2019-10-08: Daily impressions #iphone #iphoneXSMax

2019-10-07: #indiweb my high-key ios13 photo

2019-10-07: Daily impressions

2019-10-06: Tibau do Sul, Brasil #brasil #photography

2019-10-06: #photography #provoke #japan


2019-10-06: Sky at my feet

2019-10-05: Having a drink, once in a while

2019-10-03: Back to my Lenovo T430s powered by Archlinux #linux #archlinux

2019-10-02: Is there a good tutorial to implement automatic webmention for Twitter cross-posting? #indieweb

2019-10-02: International Center of Arts

2019-10-02: We accept to be controlled #surveillancecapitalism #bigdata #bigbrother

2019-10-01: This week I am trying to minimize my screen time

2019-09-30: My home town

2019-09-30: Vecriga

2019-09-29: Cávado River

2019-09-29: Stairway to heaven

2019-09-28: Firemen are always ready to help us

2019-09-28: First thing in the morning was attending my son’s soccer game

2019-09-27: This is what I call an electric boat

2019-09-26: Blinded by the fog

2019-09-25: At the railyard

2019-09-25: Why I use ad-blockers and anti-tracking? The answer is here #surveillancecapitalism #bigdata

2019-09-24: iPadOS 13 is scheduled for tomorrow. Check what to expect –> here

2019-09-24: What are your favorite Apple Watch apps? #AppleWatch #apps #watchOS

2019-09-23: Don’t let your memories in bad hands #facebook #surveillancecapitalism

2019-09-22: While on Twitter I found myself retweeting all the time, on Micro.Blog all I can do is express my …

2019-09-21: A thumbnail preview of my b&w landscape gallery. Check —>…

2019-09-21: Style

2019-09-21: Beautiful sky colors reflected on a silver sea

2019-09-20: Which tutorials for absolute beginner level do you recommend to learn how to change a Hugo theme to …

2019-09-20: I am building my hamradio website with Hugo and Netlify. Theme is alageek. Check here 📡

2019-09-20: Same spot, different weather

2019-09-20: My iPhone is much faster with IOS13 #iphone #ios13

2019-09-19: I am writing this post with Quill.

2019-09-19: Read the NYT’s iPhone 11 and iPhone11 Pro Review 📱

2019-09-18: I’m in love with Ocean Vuong’s poetry 📚

2019-09-18: Every day on my way to lunch I see this house and these palm trees and I think I live in another …

2019-09-18: Nights That Won’t Happen 🎵

2019-09-18: Do you have any experience with Hugo themes working out-of-the-box in Micro.Blog? #Hugo #Blogging

2019-09-18: So sad to learn the death of David Berman after the amazing “Purple Mountains” record 🎵

2019-09-18: Currently reading: Permanent Record by Edward Snowden 📚

2019-09-18: US government files civil lawsuit against Snowden over publication of memoir –> Go check …

2019-09-18: Read 64 pages of Permanent Record by Edward Snowden so far. It’s like going back to my youth and … Paulo Pinto (my Twitter)
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