Paulo Pinto aka W3bK3rN3l

Micro.Blog as a microblogging platform

1 Microblogging Micro.Blog is an outstanding platform to share thoughts, photos or songs. This kind of posts are called microposts. If you start writing a post, Micro.Blog will count the number of characters, and when it exceeds certain amount it asks you to give it a tittle. It’s your choice to do it or not. If not, you just press the post button and that’s it. You can also preview your post prior to publish it.

What I'm using

iMac 27" (2008) Peripherals NAS Synology DS213j Lacie 1TB Fujitsu Scansnap S1300i Apple Mouse Apple Keyboard Software macOS: 10.8.1 Mail: Mailmate Calendar: Fantastical Notes: Evernote To-Do: Omnifocus Browser: Safari & Firefox Writing: iA Writer Code Editor: Atom MacBook 12" (2017) Peripherals WD 500MB External Drive Belkin Multiport Adapter Software macOS: 10.

Space Station Mir

1 My first radio contact with MIR Orbital Station My first radio contact with the late MIR Orbital Station (MIR in Russian means PEACE) dates back to 1996. At that time, Russian cosmonaut Valery Korzun was the commander of the mission and an assiduous presence on the radio frequencies. Unfortunately, and for logistical reasons, I could not make a recording of the QSO, which still weighs heavily on my conscience. After all, it was my first contact with a manned space mission ever.

Pat Metheny - From This Place

1 Pat Metheny’s new album is orchestrated and bold by Emerson Lopes* (my translation) Almost five decades have passed since the first album released by American guitarist Pat Metheny. During all these years, the musician has always sought to challenge himself musically. Solo, in duet, in trio, in quartet, with orchestra, it doesn’t matter, his records have never gone unnoticed. Today, at the age of 66, Metheny returns to the scene with a record that matches his talent and history.